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Glass House Mountains is getting an uplift

By Kirra Livingstone

GORGEOUS Glass House Mountains is moving ahead in leaps and bounds, with several significant developments underway or under consideration.
Among the bigger proposals across Glass House Mountains is an application to create a tourist park at 29 Roberts Rd. The ‘farm stay’ style park will consist of eight accommodation cabins, a caravan and camping area with 12 sites, plus cafe.
Living Gems is also proposing to build a 113-villa site on Buzaki Rd, although Council has asked the company for further information.
A proposal is with council to reconfigure 97 Springburn Drive into 30 residential lots from about 2300sqm.
However the biggest development application with the biggest bearing on the town is the Hanson Quarry’s proposal to double rock extraction at its site on Old Gympie Road.
The company is seeking to double extraction to 1.6 million tonnes per annum.
While some welcome the expansion, community groups have largely opposed the application, which is currently being considered by Sunshine Coast Council.
As well as the exciting opportunities presented through the current round of MCUs, there is also more development underway in Glass House Mountains township. A streetscape refurbishment on Reed Street and Bruce Parade started on May 29 and nearly complete, aims to provide a fresh, welcoming feel for residents and visitors.
The project’s works include new landscaping with locally sourced Glass House stone boulders and garden bed planting.
Ngungun May Bush shrub has been planted in the garden beds to beautify the street and showcase native plants. New street trees have been planted too. Uplighting is also being added to existing trees in Settlers Rotary Park along Bruce Parade. Division 1 councillor, Jenny Broderick, said it was wonderful to see the town given a refresh.
“Down the track I am keen for Glasshouse to have the placemaking planning that we have seen in other places, but it is wonderful to see this little bit of uplift to the entry of our township,” she said.
“Upgrades are almost complete with the uplighting along the park and footpath near the Tourist information Centre almost complete.”
Cr Broderick also highlighted, from the recent council budget, adopted on June 20, the town will receive a $70,000 basketball court. “Glasshouse has also been allocated funds in the latest budget for a basketball court to be built,” she said.
“We will be asking the community where they think this should go.
“This came from feedback from the election campaign.”
There was no other funding provided for the Glass House Mountains in the recent council budget.