Greetings from the late Lisa

By Lisa Plunknet

This year I’m turning 90,
Time to write my own obit;
Do I hear you cheering madly,
Or did someone yell out “Shit”!

I’ve lived a long and happy life,
Like Edith Piaf “No Regrets”
And today I’m feeling frisky,
Just preparing – Not there yet.

My words of rhyme- they sprouted,
I published – and I spoke;
I never stopped my fiddling,
Joined orchestras- played ‘’folk’’

I’m mottled, wrinkled, slightly stooped,
And feel I’m overweight;
There’s bran buds in my breakfast;
And the cat’s my newest mate.

I‘m grateful for the life I’ve had,
For the love, the fun, the care;
And hang on Kevin – wait for me,
‘Cause one day I shall be there.

I think I shall be fully dressed
If I don’t die in my sleep;
And have a lovely funeral
And most of all don’t weep

Eat carrot cake, egg sandwiches,
Hear music of my choice;
And for the wondrous life I’ve had
Let us all rejoice.

Goodbye in advance, have fun,….
Love Lisa