Help to have a stress-free Xmas

As the festive season approaches, Triple P – Positive Parenting Program encourages parents and carers to take a proactive and positive approach to communication with children to ensure a stress-free holiday period.

While Australians face a cost-of-living crisis, Triple P offers some simple ways for parents to manage their children’s expectations.

“This year could be a real challenge for many parents who are watching their Christmas spend closely,” Carol Markie-Dadds said. Evidence-based, positive programs like Triple P can offer new strategies to maintain a happy household over the festive season:

Look After Yourself First

It might sound odd, but caring for your own needs first and taking the time to recharge your battery by doing something healthy and nurturing can make it easier to remain calm and positive during stressful times.

The Conversation

Children are more aware than you may think and often pick up on feelings of stress or anxiety. They take their cues from parents, so having proactive, honest, and positive conversations that are sensitive to their needs, can help them build resilience and understand why all families, not just your own, are paying more attention to their finances this year.

Numbers Game

Less can indeed be more, so ask children to list one or two presents that would be special on top of their ‘must have’ wishes – and within a set price range!