High time to dial back the adjectives

THE middlegame of the local election cycle is getting interesting.
Every mayoral candidate and Division 1 candidate has agreed to talk at a Save Our Glasshouse Mountains community forum soon. The group was formed to protest Hanson Quarry’s application to double rock extraction from its Glasshouse site.
It will be interesting to see what the candidates actually say. Maybe what they don’t say will be more interesting.
If you show your hand this early on the issue you could paint yourself into a council chambers corner when it comes time to actually make a decision on the quarry.
ALWAYS intriguing to read the mainstream media’s take on naturally occurring phenomena, such as, rain.
One story described last week’s downpour as “biblical amounts” of rain. I kid you not.
You don’t need to have gone to Sunday School or watched Charlton Heston in robes to know that might be an ‘exaggeration’.
The same report described a photo of a flooded shopping centre car park – ie below the earth’s surface – as a ‘shocking’ image of ‘devastation’.
That doesn’t leave you much room to move when there is actually a shocking photo of devastation?
There are only so many adjectives in the English language but the bots telling young journalists how to write are tireless exponents of every one of them.
Speaking of grammar, I was driving with the family last week and complaining about the neighbour’s “big, hopeless, stupid, black dog”.
The youngest called out from the back. “Hey dad,” she said.
“That’s an expanded noun group.” Brilliant. School isn’t a complete waste of time after all.