Hinterland BMX Club is on track with grant

Riders jumping high with track enhancements and new lighting

By Kirra Livingstone

IN a significant transformation, the Hinterland BMX Club has invested $181,000 over two weeks to revamp its riding track, drawing riders from across the Coast.
President Kurt Natalier highlighted the previous issue of flooding due to poor drainage, prompting the club to secure a $81,000 grant for drainage reconstruction.
Glasshouse MP Andrew Powell further supported the initiative with a $100,000 grant, initially intended for track resurfacing.
However, the club decided to enhance the original track design using the same funds.
With valuable input from international racing riders within the club and committee members, an updated track design emerged, incorporating challenging elements to test the skills of both junior and senior riders.
“It’s the old track but with some changes that make it more demanding and more testing for riders,” Kurt said.
“Some changes which were made include adding an extra jump after the first hill, and at the end of the track, we changed the triple hump jump to a quad.”
While the track resurfacing and design enhancements cost $77,000, the remaining funds were utilised to address another longstanding need—the replacement of outdated lighting. The club invested $23,000 in new LED lights, a significant improvement from the previous ones that had served the club for two decades.
Kurt said the new lighting was a significant improvement on the old lighting.
“The new lighting is really good, they are LED lights and the old lights would take a while to turn on, whereas these turn on and off in an instant,” he said.
The new track has garnered positive feedback, attracting riders from Caboolture, Pine Rivers, Yandina, and Cooloolah. The changes aimed to challenge riders, both junior and senior, ultimately enhancing their BMX skills.
Although club racing has concluded for the year, the revamped track remains open for training during the holidays.