How the hell did you get down there!?! Patrick!!

By Mitch Gaynor

ONE minute you’re searching for a lost baby camel at the Glass House Mountains, next minute you’ve been seen 6 million times on Tik Tok.

That’s not too much of an exaggeration for Yasmin Brisbane from Q Camel, who has clocked a staggering 6 million+ views for a video she posted as she reunited a lost camel with his mother.

The video has been a global sensation with Yasmin courting international media attention as tens of thousands of viewers splice her ‘Aussie’ audio into their own videos.

In the 2.5 minute clip Yasmin is helping to bring ‘Patrick’ the baby camel – who has somehow escaped form a paddock – back to his mother, Ruby.

“I was putting the camels away and all of a sudden I heard Ruby down at the bottom of the paddock crying,” Yasmin says.

In one grab, which has itself gone viral, Yasmin calls out: “How the hell did you get down there?! Patrick!!”.

“Patrick! Mummy has been worried sick! I thought you fell in the river.”

 In just a few months Yasmin has built up a strong Tik Tok following which aims to educate viewers about camels, but nothing has come close to the reach of her latest clip, which has also gained over 1.6m likes.

Q Camel founder and Yasmin’s mother, Lauren Brisbane, said the move to Tik Tok came after the February floods.

“We got flooded out, I got Covid, basically life was bloody hard and we said, let’s just make this fun,” she said.

“We said why don’t we teach people about camels.”

That started a series of ‘fun camel facts’ videos which quickly grew in popularity – in large part due to Yasmin’s social media skills and acting talent – with up to 1 million views for some clips.

But the latest clip has been a runaway success.

“Thought I was watching Napoleon Dynamite – the Aussie version,” one viewer wrote.

Another said: “Think I just fell in love. Your accent and the animal lovies melted me.”

“This had the full arc-drama, anticipation, excitement, a reunion and then off into the sunset! I was here for all of it.”

One commenter added: “You sound like Mrs Weasley (from Harry Potter) ‘WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Beds empty, car gone, no note’.”

QCamel is Australia’s premium supplier of camel milk products.

The dairy was the first in Australia to produce pasteurised camel milk and now sells a wide range of products including yoghurt smoothies, powders, bi-powders and cosmetics.

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