Inclusive birth certificates now available

QUEENSLAND Parliament has passed the Palaszczuk Government’s new laws to modernise birth certificates to better recognise diverse Queenslanders. Under the new laws, trans and gender diverse people will no longer be required to undergo sexual reassignment surgery to formally register a change of sex. A change of name will now also be able to be made at the same time as an alteration of sex.

For children aged under 16, the laws allow parents or guardians to apply directly to the registry where particular criteria are met, or for an application to be made through the Childrens Court.

Prior to altering a child’s record, the new laws require an assessment of the child by a developmentally informed practitioner who has an established, professional relationship with them. The Palaszczuk Government’s new legislation also provides better recognition of same-sex and gender diverse parents. The Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath said “This historic bill belongs to those in the LGBTIQA+ community who despite facing the brunt of vitriol, discrimination and hate have chosen to stand up and fight for legal recognition,”

“I’m proud to pass these new laws that ensure every Queenslander can have their legal identity align with their lived identity, and these laws also recognise same-sex and gender diverse parents by acknowledging the undeniable reality that a child can have more than one mother and more than one father,” I want Queensland’s rainbow community to know your lives matter, your stories matter, and your struggles matter.”