Independent Mayoral candidate joins race

Hinterland resident brings leadership, clarity and vision to the table

By Sonia Isaacs

Long term Hinterland resident, Wayne Parcell has declared his intention to run as an independent mayoral candidate in the 2024 Sunshine Coast Regional Council elections. Wayne said he believed he could be the leader the region needed, and had the skills, insight and capacity to offer and deliver the change that mattered to the people and communities of the region.
“I know what I can deliver and I’ve delivered a lot of complex outcomes working across a diversity of business, government, charities and not for profit organisational management sectors. There’s no denying that being the mayor of the Sunshine Coast Council is not a small enterprise, however, it is about skills, experience and focus, and bringing the right lens to the job. I’ve got the passion and purpose and the skills and experience that can bring that to light,” he said.
The businessman, well known across the Hinterland for his role as volunteer director of the Rangebow Festival, said it was very important to have a clear and defined purpose. He said he believed strongly in values of diversity, inclusion, sustainability and reconciliation, and said these themes were intrinsic to sound decision-making and equitable outcomes for everyone.
“It’s about bringing to people genuine engagement on issues, it’s about valuing everybody and the contribution everyone makes both individually and in the context of each community,” he said.
Wayne said it was time for the voices of the whole region to be heard loudly and clearly in council and each community needed to be seen and heard for council to be effective in its decision-making.
“All the region has something unique to offer, and each community brings something unique and valuable. What disappoints people is that the recognition is not universal across the region. Someone needs to call that out and recognise the value and contribution of the different parts of the region. We are made up of a diverse range of communities but we can be united in what brings us together,” he said.
He said Council needed to be a better listener about what people consider important, however, he said it was much more than just listening to and fighting for people, it was an inherently active role that required visibility, consistent engagement and delivery of balanced outcomes.
Wayne said he described himself as an economically conservative social progressive. He said being financially responsible and passionate about social justice and the environment were not mutually exclusive.
“Our enduring humanity and care are enabled by sound management.”