Insight of elders shared on pages

A NEW book by hinterland author Marjorie Lord explores the issues facing young women and the hope, wisdom and insight that older generations bring to support the journey into adulthood.

In an age where many young women have lost connection with the wisdom of their elders, ‘Girl Woman Matriarch: Wisdom Love Connection’ offers inspiration and insight, showing them they are not alone on their path to womanhood, that they are loved and supported through the wisdom and understanding of the Matriarchs.

‘Girl Woman Matriarch: Wisdom Love Connection’ is a compilation of answers to questions asked by younger women to those over 50 years of age. It touches on light-hearted thoughts, proud moments, and hard life questions, including the tougher stuff people generally avoid but should talk about in order to lead better connected lives.

The matriarchs, aged between 53 and 97, share their hindsight, knowledge and worldly experiences, good and bad, to help younger women navigate their life path more positively, with love and with more meaningful connections. Their answers highlight that all women throughout the generations go through similar experiences of concern, dread, hope and wishfulness.