Insurance ‘claims farmers’ on the prowl

Flood affected Queenslanders are being warned to be aware of ‘claims farmers’ offering assistance with insurance claim.

These firms are sometimes also known as ‘claims management services’ and will act as a go-between for a person or business and their insurance company, offering to do the leg work on their insurance claim for a fee.

“We want Queenslanders to be protected, understand the risks and not fall victim to agreements they signed during what is a stressful time,” Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Shannon Fentiman said.

“Many of these claims farmers entice customers to use their services by offering a free inspection, promising your claim will go to the front of the queue or promising a guaranteed cash settlement.

“Sadly, we have also heard of cases where Queenslanders have been given the impression the person is from government or acting on a law firm’s behalf.”

You do not need to use a third party to assist with an insurance claim and they can deal directly with their insurer.

“If you are thinking about signing up to a claims management service, it’s so important you understand the risks,” she said.

“And importantly, you should not sign anything which prevents you from dealing directly with your insurer, broker, financial adviser or your own lawyer.”

Image: Station Road, Jodie Pember