Interest at heart is true

By Crank the Croc

EXCUSE me, I’ve got a bit of sick in my mouth.
Fresh from last week’s scintillating council budget announcement, aside from being underwhelmed, I’m wondering how much of the 5 per cent rise in rates is being spent on hyperbolic adjectives.
Apparently we are to believe that this is a compassionate budget, and that community is ‘at the heart of every decision’, and so is the environment – which is ‘front and centre’.
The end result: a budget that promises to make a difference in our lives.
Well, between the black and white of another rise in rates and then the black and white reality of another rise coming in interest rates and you have to ask how much anyone in authority really has the community’s interest at heart.
Dream big
It seems like just the other day the council was touting the Sunshine Coast as the next wave park capital of Australia. Lol.
Five minutes later one of the two developments fell over.
Glenview developer Sanad was already spewing because a competitor had been approved down the road.
Then it was dumped off a big financial wave.
We haven’t heard too much from its friendly neighbour competitors down Glass House Mountains way, but fingers crossed.
Now we’re being tempted by Aussie World’s aims to build a water park next door to its current theme park.
The good news is that at least we know they know what they’re doing.
Hopefully the dollars they saved on cheap concept drawings can go on decent water slides.
Say it ain’t so
Read the scariest headline in about forever in a weekend paper.
It was this: 106,000 teens will still be living at home in their 40s. What has society come to.
Between that and a massive rise in single household numbers there doesn’t appear to be much in between for normal crocodiles just wanting to live a normal life with his missus. These are Bureau of Statistics numbers so they’re not completely made up. Let’s just hope they’re wrong.