Jason Hunt MP

Glasshouse Country and Maleny News is helping celebrate the incredible contribution our
local business owners make across the hinterland community every day.
During Small Business Month we are shining a light on some of those enterprises who, in their own words, write about the passion and dedication behind their ventures.

It’s Small Business Month! And whether you shop regularly at local small businesses, run one yourself or know someone who runs one, we all know small business owners are hard workers.

This year the message is simple: shop local, support small businesses where you can and celebrate our hard work ethic here in Queensland!

I’ve been out and about in the electorate this month talking to Small Business owners about the challenges they face and showcasing their unique ideas to the community. It’s been delightful to see how many wonderful Small Businesses are nestled into the Hinterland Community – there’s truly something for everyone out here.

We know that small business owners have been doing it tough during the pandemic, and in addition to the support that’s currently available for small business wellness, the QLD government has unveiled a $6.75 million dollar package to provide a wide range of support for Small Business Owners including financial counsellors, specialist support, and funding.

To find out more about the wellness and support package contact the Small Business Hotline on
1300 654 687 or visit the Business QLD website for updates at www.business.qld.gov.au/qsbm

(07) 5329 4100