Jeremiah’s Crust

By Sonia Isaacs

Producers Name:
Paula and Shaun Morin

Business Name:
Jeremiah’s Crust

Carters Ridge (North of Kenilworth)

Number of years in operation: Commenced 2015

Q: How would you best describe your business?

Passionately run family business with a strong emphasis on integrity and staying true to original values of producing products that are close to natural source with minimal mechanical intervention. Getting back to basics to make bread the way it was made thousands of years ago. Reconnecting with the magic of nature and working with it power.  Bread with four simple ingredients – flour, water, salt, and love!

Q: How did it all begin?

Unsatisfied buying bread full of additives and preservatives, with so many unnecessary ingredients – so we decided to research a healthier bread that could make at home and found sourdough; the ancient art of bread making. Excited by bread that actually added nutritional value, and soon very quickly became obsessed! We started to share it with friends who encouraged us to start selling it.

From that we attended one small market which was a sell out! Then monthly pop-up bakes that were presold before they were prepared!  With thoughts of sharing the passion formed for sourdough within our small town and to empower other home bakers, we started to run workshops. Expanding our family and plans, we moved from the Pilbara region WA to QLD, and continued our passion.

Now Jeremiah’s home is an ex-organic garlic farm in Carters Ridge, north of Kenilworth! 

Q: What are your backgrounds/interests?

I (Paula) previously worked as a Psychiatric Nurse and Child Psychotherapist and Shaun worked as a

Skipper in the seafood industry and as a Miner. Both of us turned ‘sourdough artisans’ as we like to say! We have a bit of imposter syndrome about calling ourselves bakers given that we are not ‘formally trained’ in the commercial sense of the profession!

Q: Why did you call your business Jerimiah’s Crust?

One of the first things that we started with in our workshops was to name the sourdough culture that participants would learn to harness, love and nurture. When I first did this in 2014 in WA the name Jeremiah just happened to pop into my mind. I found it interesting later that the Hebrew origin of Jeremiah mean; to lift up, to be or become high. Which is very fitting for the work that Jeremiah does with simply flour and water!

Q: What is involved in making organic sourdough – how long does the process take to make each loaf?

Over 48hrs from building the leaven, to making and shaping.  Each loaf is hand weighed and shaped.  Then placed into the cool room for slow ferment, which helps give Jeremiah’s Crust the flavour and crust that leave people asking what the secret ingredients are!  It’s the best bread they’ve tasted. It also helps to unlock the health benefit associated with authentic sourdough. 

Q: Is there a certification process involved?

Yearly registration with Gympie Regional Council for food Business.

Q: Why do you think people should eat organic sourdough?

We think there are benefits to eating organic authentic long fermented sourdough.

Some of the health benefits include no preservatives, support for healthy gut flora and blood sugar management. It’s easier to digest, and the fibre and minerals in the grains used have improved availability to be absorbed by the body.

Q: Where can people purchase your product?

Selling wholesale to various Organic and health food stores from Maleny to Noosa, to Maroochydore and Birtinya. We currently deliver twice a week to the Maleny Co-op.

Q: Anything else you’d like our readers to know?

Due to the lengthy process and skills involved, all of the best authentic sourdough is produced by small producers or micro bakeries therefore by supporting these small businesses, real dreams are being supported.