Jobs for the yard in July

By Brownie

These cool but sunny days are the best time to spend out in the garden. Some of the jobs worth considering are:
• Top up the mulch around fruit trees. Clean
out your compost bin, spread the
contents under your fruit trees, and start
• Feed your citrus trees. Use 125g of citrus
tree fertiliser per year of age of the tree up
to 1.25kg. You need to do this three times
a year – July, November and February.
• Plant rhubarb now – either as crowns or
small punnet plants.
• It’s a good time to transplant existing rose
bushes to another spot in the garden if
you need to.
• Cut back the time between watering for
indoor plants to prevent mould and
mildew growing.
• Treat your lawn for bindi as soon as
it appears. Any of the broadleaf lawn
herbicides, such as ‘bindii and clover
killer’ will do.
• Prune roses to stimulate new growth and
flowering for Spring.
• Take frangipani cuttings – leave them for a
least two weeks before planting.
• Prune passionfruit vines of unwanted
growth, mulch and water well. Prune the
passionfruit by cutting all laterals (shoots
coming from the main stem) back to two
• Plant potatoes and sweet potatoes into
a well dug garden bed. Give the sweet
potatoes plenty of room to spread.
• Give your cabbage, cauliflower and
broccoli plants a boost and feed them
some sulfate of ammonia.
• Don’t forget that the Queensland Garden
Expo is on July 7, 8 and 9 in the Nambour