Jobs for the yard in September

By Brownie

Grow any herbs now – except for
basil (it’s too early) and
coriander (it’s too late).
• Grevilleas will be flowering
away. Cutting flowers for inside
the house will promote new
growth and better plant health.
• Pruning of edible fig trees can
be carried out. Be very vigorous
– one-third can be cut off. Figs
are only produced on new
wood of the new season’s
growth. Give them a good feed
of general fertiliser.
• It could be a few months before
we get good soaking rains and
the usual drying September
winds will suck the moisture
from bare soil, so mulch your
gardens to keep in the available
• Dig up and divide canna lilies.
Water them in well with a
seaweed solution.
• It’s a good month to start the
fruit orchard – plant mango,
pawpaw, avocado, custard
apple, carambola and sapodilla.
• Spray your flowering mangoes
with Mancozeb or a copper-
based fungicide to prevent the
disease anthracnose.
• Watch out for rampant lawn
weeds – especially bindi-eye,
clover and flatweed (or cats ear).
• Look out for aphids on new rose
growth. Rub them off, hose them
off or treat with a pyrethrum
• Broadcast some gypsum powder
over your lawn to open up the
soil structure.
• New growth on citrus is
susceptible to leaf miner – a tiny caterpillar that burrows in
the leaves. Treat with white oil.
• Plant edibles ready to pick for
Christmas dinner – lettuces like
Red Mignonette, butter beans,
golden button squash and
cherry tomatoes are a good