Kylie appointed manager of Oz Roller Derby team

By Kirra Livingstone

A GLASS House Mountains State School teacher has just been appointed the Australian Women’s roller derby team manager for the second year since 2019.

Team manager, teacher and roller derby player Kylie York said she went through a range of emotions when she found out she had been appointed again.

“I was still a bit nervous that I wouldn’t get it, but of course I was super excited when they rang to say that I had been appointed again,” she said.

“I am a little bit overwhelmed, it’s a big responsibility but it’s an honour to manage a team that’s representing your country.”

She said she was never a very sporty person before she started playing roller derby in Darwin with her family six years ago, but now it’s a great balance alongside being a classroom teacher.

“I actually had no intention of ever playing the sport but once I saw it and realised how incredible it was, we just had to be involved in it, it’s a pretty empowering sport to play,” she said.

“I find it’s really good for being a teacher because all day long you are being very careful and then you go to roller derby and it’s something physical to take your mind off it.”

Although the job is exciting for Kylie, it is a very important job which comes with responsibilities such as ensuring there’s enough funding.

“Basically, my job is to organise all of the behind-the-scenes stuff including organising the entire tour, so our flights, accommodation, everything to go with organising the team,” she said.

“The biggest thing for managing a team is the expense involved, and although we are nationally recognised by Sport Australia as a national team, we don’t have any funding at all.

“We are trying to reduce the cost for athletes, so we are looking for sponsorships for business names on uniforms or anything to do with supporting the team.”

The team is expected to be picked and ready to start playing together by October this year.