Landsborough artist a finalist in national art prize

LANDSBOROUGH artist Judith Tompkins is one of only six Queensland finalists in the 2022 National Capital Art Prize.

Judith is a finalist in the Sustainability section for her mixed media piece titled “You Choose”.

A panel of critics selected a national shortlist of 129 finalists, saying they were blown away by the standard of work submitted by artists from across the country.

“We are thrilled to see all the unique, thought-provoking and inspiring artwork across a wide range of styles and mediums,” National Capital Art Prize director Robert Stephens said.

“Several of Australia’s best-known artists, including previous Archibald finalists, have submitted works and some really brilliant pieces have been received from emerging new talent. The standard and variety of artworks is amazing.”

US-born Judith describes herself as a lateral thinker and curious risk-taker that asks her audience to think outside the box when considering her works.

“Visitors are encouraged to engage with my interactive works the same way I hope they make decisions about climate change, forests, and land management: Slowly, carefully and with a view toward the future,” she said in her artist statement.

“Careful consideration was given to every element in this work, from the logistics and materials to the hardware and viewer’s challenge. The message, written on vintage tapa cloth (paper mulberry from PNG) with silk cord (silkworms eat mulberry) is a simple illustration of how the disruption of forests can destabilize climate, habitats, and culture. Life on Land: Trees need permanence to fight climate change – YOU choose.”

National Capital Art Prize is a not-for-profit company established in Canberra in March 2021.

Managed by honorary Directors, the company supports and showcases Australian artists and celebrates their skill and diversity through an annual national painting competition.