Landsborough teen set for Ninja Warrior debut

Landsborough teen John Sterio is set to make his mark on national television tonight, appearing on Auatralian Ninja Warrior.
The 16-year-old is the show’s smallest competitor, but he has not let that faze him, saying he was inspired to join after success in gymnastics and a growing obsession with the television show.
John was selected to join the new format called Attack of the Teens, saying his strength and skills from gymnastics and tumbling, held him in good stead.
His proud parents said they were thrilled to see John on the set of the show, which was “huge” and “daunting”
John however took it all in his stride, saying he was well supported by crew and cast along the way.
“I did a lot of training with my coach and working on my skills and techniques,” John said.