Legal eagles still flying high

By Tove Easton

WOW, when “they” say time goes so fast, “they” aren’t kidding. This week our lovely local legal firm Easton Lawyers turns 15! It’s just incredible how quickly this has come around. We are all incredibly proud to reach this milestone. The last couple of years have been challenging to say the least – as it has been for many other businesses – but our team have handled it so well working remotely and remaining open throughout it all, not once shutting our doors. Our first priory was, and is, to support our clients and our community both in good times and bad.

We are so proud of our team: our principal Tove Easton whose history with the firm starts in 2000 as an “embryonic” lawyer to the then principal Mr Alistair Charlton; our associate lawyer Michelle Kleinig who joined us in 2019 and is an exceptionally experienced practitioner; our practice manager Sharon Schofield who has just celebrated her 32nd  year in the job (yes that’s right, 32 years in this very office); our experienced conveyancing manager Jenny Buzaki who has clocked over 17 plus years; our experienced paralegal/conveyancing Valli Benoit who this year has been with us for seven years; the newest member of our team Simone Svenson who has been with us for two years and is a perfect and valued ‘fit’ in our team; and last but certainly not least, our wonderful bookkeeper Shirley Grundon who has been with us forever.

We are all locals and all part of the community in one way or another.

And there is more… In 2023 we are looking forward to celebrating 40 years since Mr John Sheldon started the very first legal firm in this very building, and to whom we are the proud successor in business.

We are always here for you, our valued wonderful clients, and our doors are always open!

Main image: Tove Easton, Sharon Schofield, Jen Buzaki, Valli Benoit and Simone Svenson