Lighting up the mountains

By Jack Waters

WE all love the sights and sounds of Christmas but some are guilty of indulging in the Christmas spirit a little more than most of us.

Fortunately, Beth and Chris Casey’s obsession with Christmas lights has been putting smiles on the faces of local residents for more than a decade.

Since moving to the Sunshine Coast region in 2005, the Caseys have lived in Chantilly Crescent Beerwah, Pacific Place Beerwah Heights, Coonowrin Road Glass House Mountains and have now settled in Alfs Pinch Road Beerwah.

When asked whether they considered how the house would look with Christmas lights before purchasing, the Caseys didn’t hesitate in saying it’s one of the first things they think about.

“It started off as a couple sets of icicles and it’s just escalated from there,” Beth said.

“The kids, of course, always love it but the adults do too. It’s a great way to connect with everybody. Some of our closest friends have come from doing these Christmas lights every year. We make a lot of the displays ourselves with timber cut outs and banners too.”

The Caseys have four children who get just as excited when December rolls around.

“In December they rarely watch television at all because they’re out every night greeting and catching up with people they haven’t seen in years. So, it’s really good for them socially,” Beth said.

The family is adamant that this year will be the biggest and best yet, with the lights turning on from December 1.

“They’ll be on just before 7pm each night until about 9.30 most nights. Closer to Christmas and weekends they will remain on a little longer,” Beth said.

Unfortunately, Peter and Yvonne Roeland will have a scaled back display on Marshs Road, Glass House Mountains this year due to unforeseen circumstances.

Peter said it took around 300 hours to set up their display so if they started now they wouldn’t be able to get it up in time for the festive season.

“We will be setting up some lights but more for testing new types of lights and layout of the new props,” Peter said.