Local police officer retires

by Senior Constable Susan Lowndes

WHILE we are very happy for Senior Constable Fiona Sandon and hope she truly enjoys her retirement, Sunshine Coast, particularly Beerwah, Police are very sad to see her go.

Senior Constable Sandon joined the Queensland Police Service 15 years ago and spent most of her career at Maroochydore Police Station before transferring to Beerwah division in 2017.

With her genuinely compassionate and caring nature, she quickly became an integral part of not only the station but the community.

Fiona set out to do her absolute best for everyone she came in contact with, often going beyond what was required to ensure the best outcome for everyone.

I’m sure many members of the community have fond memories of Fiona and assistance she provided.

My personal favourite is the time Fiona and another colleague were out doing patrols and came across an elderly gentleman mowing out the front of a property.

It was a hot day and there had been a recent death in the family with the gentleman just trying to help out with the upkeep.

In a move that says everything about Fiona, they parked the car and took over the mowing and edging for the man without a second thought.

This is the same attitude that she brings to everything. If there is anything she can do to assist, she will do it, without hesitation.

Unfortunately for Fiona she suffered a knee injury at work several months ago that confined her to the station. Instead of the normal drop in workload because of being limited to station duties, in typical Fiona style she proceeded to do even more work, answering calls and counter enquiries all day.

These tasks are normally shared around the officers at a station and can often mean that the crew out on the road have to return to the station to deal with matters that arise.

Having Fiona here dealing with so many of these enquiries meant everyone at the station had more time to do other things, including patrols of the division, for which there is never enough hours in a day.

While it’s certainly a loss for the Queensland Police I am sure that Fiona’s partner, children, grandchildren and extended family are extremely happy to be able to spend more time with her.

We wish her all the best for the future and a long and happy retirement.

Thank you, Senior Constable Sandon, for your service.