Low-flying choppers to investigate power network

Hinterland residents have been warned to expect to see and hear low-flying choppers over the coming months.

Energex is undertaking aerial inspections of its power network as it investigates any potential damage caused over the severe weather season.

“Storms, high winds and other severe weather can damage the power network in places you can’t easily see from the ground so we use helicopters and drones to take high resolution images of poles, cross arms and other electrical infrastructure from above,” Energex area manager Kevin Lavender said.

“The photos of the network are then sent to our technicians who look for any damage on the top of the grid and then organise for any repairs.

“This is a much faster, safer and efficient way of inspecting South East Queensland’s power network allowing us to prepare and maintain a safe and reliable electricity supply for the year ahead.”

Choppers would be used to investigate rural and remote areas of the power network while drones would be deployed in urban areas.

Livestock owners will be advised of flight times and dates so animals can be moved from the relevant areas.