Major Maleny housing estate gets green light

IN a move that will see Maleny’s housing supply increase by 63 new houses, Sunshine Coast Council has finally approved the large new estate between Bunya and Tallowwood streets on the southern fringe of the town.

The application to develop the 9.212ha of lush kikuyu grazing land was made in March with plans to create 65 low-density residential housing lots.

Council flagged a considerable list of concerns with the original configuration, with the final outcome being a slight reduction in the number of lots to the 63 approved.

The development will take place over five stages and the approval will expire in four years.

The subdivision plan titles for the last stage must be registered within two years of the registration of the first stage.

This means that once started, the 63 housing lots will come onto the market over (at most) a two-year period.

The approval notice has a long list of 76 conditions and council has already sent the developer an infrastructure charges notice for an eye-watering $980,458, which is payable before the plan of the subdivision is approved by council.

To read more about the proposal, go to and search for RAL21/0023.

Main image: view across development site from Tallowwood Street