Maleny Refugee Advocacy helps send Sahar to safety

THE non-profit community organisation, Welcome to Maleny Refugee Advocacy, is currently working on a special project to support a young Hazara Afghan woman seeking settlement in Canada.
Sahar is currently in Indonesia and cannot be settled in Australia or return home to Afghanistan. Canada presents a viable option. The Maleny Refugee Advocacy group is calling for support from the public to help reach their goal of $20,000 to help get her there safely.

Sahar, originally from a mountain village in Afghanistan, is now in her early 20s. She has had an incredible life of loss and terror but is hopeful for her future.
Sahar lost both her parents as a toddler and was raised with her twin brother by her grandmother. When her grandmother died, the children were sent into the care of their cousin, who was entangled with the Taliban.
At just 19 years old, while she was hiding two Taliban men killed her brother and Sahar was forced to flee her village. Alone and wanted by the Taliban, Sahar fled through borders, eventually ending up in Cisarua, Indonesia.

Welcome to Maleny Refugee Advocacy recently launched a crowd funding campaign to help Sahar as part of her application process. They hope to raise the $20,000 Sahar must have to cover living expenses for her first year in Canada.
Working closely with Canadian organisation Northern Lights, the program has sponsors in place to act as Sahar’s mentors, ensuring she finds the support needed, as well as access to education, health care and, ultimately, a safe life.

“Sahar is currently in Indonesia, with little to no rights or protection, and no ability to earn an income as a refugee,” a Welcome to Maleny Refugee Advocacy spokesperson said.
“She is an inspiring young woman who now has hope for her future.”
The Maleny Refugee Advocacy Group has so far raised about a quarter of its fundraising goal and is calling on people to chip in what they can to help Sahar to safety.

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The Maleny Refugee Advocacy is a volunteer group of kind, caring locals aiming to help support refugees.
You can find out more about the group through their Facebook page or via email