Married at first bite? Australia Zoo’s plan to host weddings

By Mitch Gaynor

FANCY tying the knot at a wedding attended by some of the world’s most dangerous creatures?

Australia  Zoo has unveiled plans to create a restaurant and function centre within its recently approved nature-based tourism development, with options including using it as a wedding venue.

The original development, which includes 68 cabins (illustration pictured below), 40 bush camp sites, a reception and amenities, was approved by Sunshine Coast Council in February.

It has been in the planning stages for years however construction on stage one of the project, believed to be the reception site, has recently commenced.

But this week the Beerwah tourism drawcard lodged documents to the council for a material change of use to the original plans.

This would see the original facilities in the approved reception building be used as a restaurant and function facility, with examples of use including weddings and receptions.

“This application seeks to allow the facilities in the approved reception building to be used by the general public as a restaurant and function facility,” the development application stated.

“The proposal will allow, for example, a wedding and reception to occur in the reception building with some guests staying on site and others staying off site.”

The reception building in which the restaurant would be built is already under construction. The development application states it would not have any adverse impact, being 250m from the nearest residential building and any extra vehicle use having no material impact on roads including Steve Irwin Way.

It is envisaged in the event of a function such as a wedding, some guests would be able to stay on site in the approved accommodation.

“The Resort Complex land use definition is considered to be the appropriate land use for the overall Camp Crocodile project, having regard to this new component,” the application concludes.


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