May for Macie success

By Kirra Livingstone

JESS Davidson is doing everything she can for her daughter, Macie Honeysett, who has a rare syndrome called ring 18, impacting every aspect of her life.
Despite being non-verbal, being in a wheelchair and having a feeding tube, Macie is a bossy, funny and resilient, nine-year-old girl from Glass House Mountains who lives every day to the fullest. Jess set up a Go Fund Me in April to raise $60,000 to buy a new van to make transporting Macie easier to and from critical hospital appointments, Palmview Special School, the beach and parks.
Macie’s mum created the campaign ‘May for Macie’ to boost fundraising, and held a number of community BBQs in Landsborough throughout the month.
The family has now reached $10,000 over the weekend, through running a mega raffle to continue to raise money to buy Macie a new van.
“We are running raffles sales at the Glasshouse Tavern at 2pm every Sunday up until the winners are drawn at our trivia night at the Mooloolah Valley Country Club on June 21,” she said. “In one day alone, we raised a few hundred dollars from the raffles, and my son was selling the tickets and had someone offer him a $50 donation, he was so moved by the generosity.
“We are running events like the trivia night, because we want Macie involved in these fundraising efforts by doing events she would personally enjoy.”
There is a wide range of raffle prizes including a one-night stay at the Glass House Mountains Eco Lodge, as well as vouchers from a number of local cafes. Jess added that events like the community BBQs, and local businesses posting about Macie’s health journey, is giving people in the community more confidence to say hello out and about.
“It’s nice to meet people in the community who know about Macie’s condition and who want to help out, the community support has been amazing,” she said.