Meet the new GC&M News owner – Mitch Gaynor

By Lea Parkes

Regular GC&M News readers would be aware that the newspaper had been ‘on the market’, since late last year and we are really pleased and a little sad to advise that this is the final edition that Greg and I will be producing.

We are genuinely pleased to introduce the new owner / editor Mitch Gaynor, who has bravely taken the step to become an independent newspaper publisher.

Over the past few months we have had the pleasure of meeting Mitch and getting to know him, and it is great for us to know that someone with a real passion for print media, and with such a solid professional background, will be taking the paper into the future.

And from the many conversations we have had with our advertisers, contributors and readers recently, we know that everyone is keen to learn a little bit more about Mitch … so thought we would take this opportunity to give you an introduction.

Tell us a little about your background?
Even though I was born in Sydney, I am a proud Queenslander who has lived in regional Queensland and Brisbane for most of my 46 years.
I have five children with my wife, Tracy, ranging in age from 19 to 9. We are a very busy, creative family who celebrate the Queensland lifestyle: bring on summers, camping and barbeques … pity I’m allergic to prawns though.
I’m pretty active and love to keep fit by boxing, even if I’m slowing down these days. My family and I have always loved Glasshouse Country and the Range, which we first discovered when my father-in-law moved to Maleny nine years ago.

What attracted you to GC&M News?
There is nothing I love more than writing stories that positively influence the people around me.
I have worked in media for nearly 20 years, starting at the ABC followed by the Queensland Business Review – where I wrote extensively on small and medium businesses – and more recently at the Courier-Mail where I have worked almost everywhere across the newsroom including as a reporter, deputy business editor, night editor and chief of staff.
The media landscape has changed significantly in recent years, but for me this has underscored the vitality of having a strong local newspaper that champions its community.

What’s your favourite go-to on a Hinterland weekend?
There’s so much to do, but my favourites are a picnic and walk with the kids at Mary Cairncross Reserve, staying at some of the awesome local B&Bs – most recently the cool African Village Cottages, grabbing a take-a-way coffee at Bucks Bakery at Landsborough and enjoying a family lunch at the Beerwah Hotel, where I reckon I’ve bought more kids lunches than beers.
It’s hard to pick the perfect weekend but any ideas are welcome!

What are you looking forward to most about your first year in the chair?
I’m genuinely excited about building on the legacy Lea and Brownie have created over the past 17 years. From my first conversations with Lea I was convinced that GC&M News was a great opportunity.
Nobody else is telling the stories that matter to this community; highlighting the amazing achievements of people and groups and campaigning for locals.
I can’t wait to get to know the people behind these stories.
Please feel free to email or call me on 5438 7445 with any stories, ideas or just to say hello. Can’t wait to talk.