Moving blues – there’s got to be a song in this!

With our regular columnist, local musician Dr Michael Whiticker

Who has ever had a fun experience moving house? I’ve had comments like ”they’ll take me out of here in a box”, or, as the lady at Bunnings said when I was buying removal boxes from her the other day, “if I had to move I’d sell everything, keep a case with essentials in it, and just start gain…”. Now that is a very cool attitude.
It is quite an art form in itself to reduce one’s possessions without hesitation and deliberation. The hard part is still deciding which things are considered “essential” and those one can live without. It can be emotionally quite a tug, then I only have to think about those who have lost everything in fires and floods and I am cured – my heart weeps for them.
I bring myself back to the most important possession in life, one’s health.
Though perhaps you need to be a little older to think that way with conviction. I’m in my late 60s now and I see too many friends with cancer, alzheimer’s, dementia, diabetes, you name it….and I’m incredibly grateful that I’ve been spared (at least to this point in time). If you are younger and think you are bulletproof, I’m here to tell you that you aren’t. It will catch up with you and it does it really quickly. If you are indulging in an unhealthy lifestyle do something about it now! Don’t wait until you get sick!
Talking about health, one thing that I don’t let my packing and emotionalising get in the way of, is a daily play of a musical instrument. It is so therapeutic. Nine days out of ten I will find the space for at least a 30 minute play. Especially if it is in the morning and includes a cup of coffee… Is there a better way to start a day? If you are thinking you have left it too late to take up an instrument, or you don’t have the talent, or the time, or the money, or…just let all those thoughts go. I have a piano student John who is in his 80s and has only been having lessons a year. John is not a big musical talent but he loves music and is keen, and hasn’t he made huge strides forward! It’s never too late!
Enough procrastinating, I’m going back to planning what goes where. Wish me luck!