Music Today with Dr Michael Whiticker

THIS month’s article is more of an update to readers on the latest music events that the Glasshouse Musos run locally, especially as we have a new event beginning in July, our inaugural ‘Three act night’.
If you are interested in making music or simply supporting it in your community, then attending concerts such as those we run, is a good starting point.
As from July we will be running two events a month in Beerwah – both at the Beerwah hotel, and, in case you are wondering, these are family friendly shows. The evening runs from 6.30pm to 9.30pm, (regulars might note the new beginning time) and along with the music you will find impressive and reasonably priced meals served by the hotel.
Our new event will run on the 4th Tuesday each month at the Hotel, beginning July 25. It will feature three professional acts, one at 6.30pm, one at 7.30pm and the third at 8.30pm. For this first ‘Three act night’ event we will have the Levee, who feature the music of Led Zeppelin and other 70s guitar-icon bands in their repertoire. Their lead guitarist – Dan McNamara is one of the best you will ever see and hear – guitar pyrotechnics are his speciality! On the subject of impressive guitar players, another act on this opening night, the jazz-based Swing Brothers with Sista Paula, also featuring a very fine guitar player in Peter G. Guitar lovers make a note of the date – July 25! The opening act for this evening and a regular at the Musos, will be Deni and the Doc and friends such as saxophonist Roger Beare, Mike Duggan and Tony Vobr. Deni and the Doc are stylistically inclined toward folk and blues, but piano ballads and jazz are also on the cards.
On the 2nd Tuesday of the month, so on July 11, we have our on-going regular event in Beerwah. It is our so-called ‘Open Mic night’ which is very popular and has been running for 12 years, most of them at Beerwah Hotel. It has featured over 700 hundred different performers and about 400 acts over those years. If you’d like to play, email us at to book yourself a spot as there is rarely room on the board. We have about 12 different acts each night, so plenty of variety for audiences who of course are an essential part of the evening! The Beerwah events are free.
The third event that the Musos run each month is Muzika Maleny, held at the Maleny RSL Hall on the first Thursday of the month and again starting 6.30pm. It features 5 professional acts and for July 6 it will have singer guitarists Owen Gray and Gary Shepherd, poet Rosie Waters, youthful acoustic duo Sol River, and the incredible bluegrass guitar player and singer Steve Sparrow, accompanied by acoustic bassist Mark Webber. One will note with admiration that Steve’s blindness has not affected his musical talents and career. He and Mark are travelling up from Brisbane for this show so a great opportunity to catch them. Very reasonably priced meals and drinks are served at the RSL and entry is only $10.
Do email us if you’d like to go on our emailing list. It is a monthly reminder of what we are doing for the month. Hope to see some of you in July.