NAIDOC Round Games Mixed for Beegees

By Kirra Livingstone

THE Beegee’s premier women’s team have come up victorious during the NAIDOC week round against the Nambour Yandina United with a 3-2 win.

Assistant Coach Amy Higgins, who has been head coach for the last month, said after a difficult season due to sickness interruptions, it was an extra special win for the girls.

“We’ve got a couple of Indigenous girls in our team so they were all pretty pumped to be part of the day and it was a good day, so I think everyone’s spirits were pretty high,” she said.

“We just came away the better team at the end of the day.”

Although the score was closer than they would have liked, Higgins said she was still happy with the team’s performance.

“It was 3-2 so it was a bit back and forth, we were able to play some good quality football, put a few combinations together, and just snap a couple more in then they did,” she said.

Unfortunately for the premier men’s team, they lost the Chris Carter Cup 1-5 against the Nambour-Yandina side during NAIDOC round.