Nature corridor saved after Maleny protest

PEOPLE power has saved a local habitat corridor from being destroyed after a developer was forced to scrap plans for multiple driveways on its site.

The proposed development at 11 Palm Street, Maleny, was set to see 33 lots created with a block size of 800m2 to 1500m2.

But local residents were angered by the inclusion of a number of driveways that would have forced the removal of a 200 metre long nature reserve.

Residents created a petition, held protests and lobbied Division 5 Councillor Winston Johnston on their behalf and were last week advised of the amended plans.

“The local community would like to acknowledge the time and effort by Councillor Winston Johnston and the Sunshine Coast Council Planning Department to listen and engage with residents regarding their concerns of this development,” lead resident petitioner Clive Waring wrote in a letter to Sunshine Coast Councillor planner Kristy Lamb.

But Mr Waring said there were still some concerns including the nature corridor could still be harmed by bulldozing required for a new service road.

“What precautions can be required of the developers so they do not inadvertently destroy the nature habitat we are trying to protect?” Mr Waring asked in the letter.

He said residents were concerned that one driveway in particular was proposed for the brow of a hill and was a “fatal accident waiting to happen”.