Never too old to swim competitively

By Jack Waters

IF the Australian swimming team’s success at the Olympics has rekindled some of your competitive spirit, Beerwah Swim Club’s latest venture may have come at the perfect time.

Club members have recently established the Beerwah Masters Swim Team, where swimmers over the age of 18 can train and compete at meets across South East Queensland.

The team currently consists of six members but they hope to bring that number to around 20.

Learn-to-swim teacher at Swim Fit Beerwah Kylie Cornoch said swimmers up to 90 years old compete at masters meets.

“Our adult swim squad has been established a really long time but just this year one of the group members Lene and I got involved in a masters swim meet down in Brisbane and we had a lot of fun with it,” Kylie said.

“The great thing about masters is it’s open to all age groups and swimming levels, so anyone can get involved.”

The team has multiple training sessions a week at the Beerwah Aquatic Centre in the heated pool, with swimmers having the option of attending as many or as few as they like.

The sessions are on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings and on Tuesday night.

Head coach Charles Barry said this was a perfect opportunity for ex-swimmers or people who weren’t swimmers growing up but got into the sport at an older age.

“As a coach it’s really exciting to see them race,” Charles said.

“I see them do it for fitness and they put so much work in each session, sometimes even doing two sessions in one day.”

The team plans to race at a masters meet in Noosa this September.

Anyone interested in joining can call Kylie on 0413 587 122 or email

They can also be found on Facebook at