New bone health program for Osteoporosis

A NEW program providing bone health advice and care, with a primary focus on the prevention and management of osteoporosis, will be launched in October.

Richard Martin, accredited exercise physiologist at Beerwah Active Physio, will run the innovative new program that includes client education and evidence-based exercise therapy.

“I understand people diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia can have concerns about exercising, but specific exercises can actually improve bone strength,” Richard said.

“Our bone health program will closely monitor participants as they learn more about their condition and begin their exercise journey.

“At the end of the eight-week program, participants will have increased muscle strength, improved balance and reduced their falls risk through our tailored program.

“They will be given a continuing home exercise program to improve bone density. Studies show significant increases in bone mineral density after a regular resistance exercise program,” Richard said.

The bone health program will start on Wednesday, October 13 with one-hour weekly sessions from 1pm over the eight weeks.

Participants in the program will be limited to eight to allow a focus on individual needs and fitness levels.

Richard also strongly recommends an individual session before the start of the program for assessment and discussion of each participant’s needs and goals.

Richard can be contacted for queries and information about the program at Beerwah Active Physio on 5494 0060. The friendly reception staff can assist with information on costs and bookings.