News in brief

Beerwah town plan

A NEW greenfield master-planned community is being considered for Beerwah East as the Sunshine Coast Council prepares to welcome more than 170,000 new residents to the region by 2041.

The council has unveiled its Planning Proposal 2041 and is in preliminary public consultation, with community feedback open until March 31.

Under its proposed vision, mixed-use development would be encouraged in areas including Beerwah East and Caloundra South. They would “showcase integrated, well-planned, transit-oriented and sustainable master planned development”.

Pothole or sinkhole?

Massive potholes have opened up on Steve Irwin way following flooding that closed roads across the hinterland.

Motorists were being warned to take care when waters subsided with fearss if hit at speed they would cause damage to tyres and undercarriage.

Transport and Main Roads made the decision to close much of the road after the scale of the damage was revealed when flood waters subsided, but it is unknown how long repairs will take.

Readers’ flood pictures: