Parking limits set for Beerwah

By Mitch Gaynor

BEERWAH streets could soon have parking limits for the very first time following a decision by Beerwah Marketplace to implement three-hour maximum limits at its complex.

The result has infuriated nearby retailers, especially along Simpson and Turner Streets, with car parks now absorbed all day by Marketplace staff and commuters who had previously parked at the shopping precinct.

Marketplace tenants said they were frustrated by the fact that their staff are now forced to park some distance from their workplace.

Parking limits for Beerwah Marketplace were introduced earlier this year

Sunshine Coast Regional Council said it had no jurisdiction over the private Marketplace but said it had received feedback from retailers outside the centre.

“Council has received feedback from local businesses along Simpson Street advising that customers are finding it difficult to access their business since Beerwah Marketplace implemented their parking changes,” a Council spokesperson said.

“In response, Council has recently discussed parking turnover needs with businesses along Simpson Street.

“Changes, if any, to parking times would be advertised via temporary signage and communications would be undertaken to advise residents, businesses, employees and visitors.”

Centre Manager for Beerwah Village and Beerwah Marketplace, Judy Dewar, said that customer parking spaces are invaluable to all retailers, including those at Beerwah Marketplace and Beerwah Village.

“It is imperative for the continued survival of all of our retailers that we do not have anyone parking in customer parking spaces all day,” she said.

“We must ensure that there is a space for all customers where and when they need one, particularly with the amount of population growth we have experienced recently in the local area. 

“Given the number of applications currently in Council, it appears that this growth is going to continue and possibly increase faster than the last few years.

In relation to parking in nearby streets, Judy said she found there were always many spaces in either Simpson Street, Turner Street and Pine Camp Road.

“I, nor any of my co-workers, would park adjacent to any other retailer and it is not necessary to do so.  There are ample parks without anyone doing this,” she said.

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