Peachester grows its garden

By Mitch Gaynor

PEACHESTER State School has become one of only 25 schools nationwide to receive a grant from the inaugural CRT Primary Schools Program.

The grant will allow the school to continue to develop its kitchen garden program, which has been a hit with students who learn to not only grow food but then prepare and eat healthy meals using their own produce.

Excited students and parents were on hand to receive the $2,000 grant, which over 300 schools had applied for.

School volunteer and mother, Karen Schmidt, prepared the submission, saying it had been a difficult year for fundraising and the funds would not only alleviate that pressure, but help fast-track new initiatives incuding market stalls.

“This really helps take the heat off the P&C for the year,” Karen said.

“The program helps our kids develop lifelong positive food habits by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to feed their body healthily,”.

The CRT Primary Schools Program is aimed at supporting projects that have a positive impact on rural and regional primary schools across Australia.

CRT’s Kathryn Whalley said: “This program is focused on recognising the important role P&C associations play in supporting the growth and development of the next generation.”

“CRT is proud to provide a helping hand to support Peachester State School.” Peachester SS Principal Kim Fillery said the program provided students with “a rich experience with essential life skills”.

“It links us with our community, with many volunteers coming and helping the students, but also sharing the beautiful garden produce among our school community,” Kim said.

Main image: CRT’s Kathryn Whalley with Eliana and Sonny