Personalities’ time to shine

By Mitch Gaynor

IT’S a modern-day twist to an age-old show category where only personalities shine.

This year’s Maleny Show is kicking off in May with a reboot of the old ‘show girls’ category, replacing it with a refreshed  ‘Show Personality’ program.

The program is aimed from ages 12+, with the ultimate goal to help entrants develop social skills and resilience in social settings.

Show Personality coordinater Felicity Heading said her aim was help create ‘strong, capable’ people who can carry themeselves confidently in society.

“I’m very passionate about developing skills within these entrants for them to take on to future endeavours, whether that’s the workplace or the school,” Felicity said. “It’s about building confidence.”

The program will consist of a workshop, an interview component and a high tea on May 7 during which the winners will be announced.

The workship will focus on building confidence and self-esteem, along with discussions about body image and creating “a healthy version of ourselves”, Felicity said, adding that teaching people how to cope with the world’s negative’s would create a bigger positive.

“I see a lot of young kids come through the workplace, and it’s frustrating and sad the lack of social skills that just aren’t there,” she said.

“This isn’t going to change the world, but it is a step in the right direction in building these young adults up into strong, capable people. As part of the personality program, Felicity will introduce Amia (pictured), who started her own jewellery business at the age of 11.

Amia will make a ring for each of the contestants, but importantly is hoped to be an inspiration for contestants to look to her entrepreneurial motivation.

Amia sells her ‘twisted jewellery’ rings at some markets as well as on instagram.

“I was inspired by my friends and thought it would be great to give it a go,” she said.

•  Maleny Show Personality:
Female, 18-28 years. Married, Single with or without children (age prior to 01.08.22)
•  Junior Maleny Show Personality:
Female, 12-17 years
•  Senior Maleny Show Personality:
Female, 29 years and over. Married or Single
•  Rural Ambassador:
Male or Female, 12-19 years
•  Rural Ambassador:
Male or Female, 20-30 years (as at 1.5.22)
•  Senior Rural Ambassador:
Male or Female – Over 30 years