Please create memories, not stories

YOU get to an age when you revel in your curmudgeoninity (It’s a word, trust me). You deserve it and everyone else can start taking a wide berth around your increasingly staunch and correct views.

My latest bugbear was after taking my grandkids to a concert and realising that just about everyone was by and large recording the entire affair. This is a thing.

I was standing behind some short, squat thing, maybe a giant dwarf, who thought nothing of holding their oversized phone up right at my eye level and recording the entire concert while in between songs creating a ‘story’ for whatever social media crap they were on.

Firstly, it’s rude for the people standing behind you, secondly, put your phone down for 90 minutes and just get into the moment and thirdly, does it matter if you don’t capture every single moment? It is insane. Here’s a thought, watch the show and create a ‘memory’.


We’re all accountable for our actions these days. That’s unless you’re the state Labor Government which apparently runs its books via the back of a coaster.

Word that there was not much thought put into the actual cost of rebuilding the Gabba save for a press release stating that it would cost $1 billion is Utopian in absurdity. Of course the truth is now out and it will actually cost $2.7 billion and that’s today. With inflation ticking along nicely, limited resources, union influence etc, well let’s just come back to this number five or six years from now.

GFC 2.0

Having lived through the inflation hikes of the 90s, the GFC, a pandemic and other shocks, you’d think I would have learned something about creating a safety net, a nest egg or something that might absorb some of the impact of inflation, deflation, stagflation or whatever else is coming our way. But no. I’ve learned nothing. I buy high, sell low, pay the minimum off the mortgage and basically just live life in the moment. Watching all these small US banks fall in a heap should have me on edge, but governments are doing what only modern day governments can do and buy their way out of our trouble.

Capitalism 101(.1). Lesson learned.