Police Beat

by Senior Constable Susan Lowndes

Christmas road safety
HAVE you checked your tyres lately? Worn tyres can be particularly hazardous on wet roads. Tyre treads are designed to displace water so that your car gets a better grip on the road. If you have worn tyres, even if they are only worn in some spots, you can greatly increase the chance of losing control of the vehicle especially in wet conditions.
With COVID restrictions looking set to ease and interstate borders reopening many of us will be looking forward to setting off on a well-deserved getaway. While there can be lots of competing demands on finances at this time of year, it’s vitally important to ensure your car is in good working order, especially if you are planning a road trip.
So far this year 261 lives have been lost on Queensland roads, 16 of them on the Sunshine Coast. With almost another month left in the year, these totals are already higher than last year, with two more deaths on the Sunshine Coast and the state total up by 14.

Help us help you
It may seem obvious but police need the community to report incidents when they occur. If you see something you believe may be an offence or that seems suspicious, please call Policelink on 131 444 or go online to report it. We would rather receive the same information from six people than not be told at all.
The information we receive from the community helps us know if there are areas we need to focus our attention on. It may be that something is happening on a regular basis that seems odd, it could be a rowdy group in the park every Saturday. Don’t feel that you can’t report it because it’s not a big enough issue.

What happened to 2021?
Almost at the end of the year already. It was a year that saw us mostly confined to our state, which is not the worst thing that could happen when you live in Queensland. It also included a lot of face masks and the eternal hand sanitiser.
I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that at the start of the year I had high hopes that we would be well on the way back to a bit more normality but it looks like it might still be a fair way off. I hope that you all get to spend Christmas with family and friends despite travel still being a bit tricky. Most importantly, be safe.
As always, a massive thanks to Brian, our Volunteer in Policing, for all his work both at Beerwah and at events across the coast. We really value your assistance Brian. Big thanks also to Norma for the regular additions to our morning tea, I definitely don’t need them but I love them anyway. Thanks Norma.