Pope’s revenge for the national

By Kirra Livingstone

LIAM Pope is ready to break down his Olympian opponent Nestor Bolum in a fight for redemption as much as the Australian Featherweight title when he steps into the ring next month.
Pope fought for the title in 2022, ultimately losing to Erik Sokolov.
But after refocusing on his technique, the Hinterland Boxing fighter is ready for vengeance.
“I see this upcoming fight as redemption and payback, and I’m doing everything in my power to be 100 per cent prepared and ready to bring that belt back home,” he said.
“I had to change things up from how I had been fighting, I wasn’t really thinking and just going into the ring and just kind of fighting on autopilot.
“Now I have slowed everything down and thinking and I’m looking to break Nestor down in the later rounds, and I’m confident I can do that.”
Although he missed out on a national belt last year, he isn’t new to winning titles, securing the Queensland Featherweight title in his second professional fight back in 2021.
However, Pope is aware he is fighting an Olympian and needs to stay switched on every round. “I need to be smart, he leads with his right foot too… which is uncommon, so I have to be weary, I’ll stand there and box with him but in the later rounds from round five to 10 I will break him down,” he said. Liam is also coming off a big knockout win in Beerwah last year, however he had a slight hiatus after the birth of his second child, taking priority over everything.
“After my last fight I needed some time with my family, four months ago my son was born as well so everything was kind of put on hold for a little bit while I adjusted… but now I’m ready to go,” he said. Pope’s bout against Bolum is on June 30 at the Revesby Workers’ Club.