Race on for Division 1

By Kirra Livingstone

GLASSHOUSE Country business owner Jenny Broderick will contest the Division 1 Sunshine Coast Council election after officially launching her campaign in front of dozens of supporters in Beerwah on Sunday evening (Nov 5).
Promising to reset the relationship between ratepayers and council, Ms Broderick declared she was ready to lead the demographically diverse region that takes in Aura and hinterland towns including Beerwah and Landsborough.
“When we join together to ‘Vote 1 Jenny Broderick’ we are declaring that we want a Councillor who is authentic, involved and engaged,” she told the audience in an impassioned speech.
“One who is listening and is willing to fight for our locals and what’s best for our region.
“A Councillor who shows up, works hard, who supports and represents our community in the way we deserve.”
It is the former Glasshouse Country Chamber of Commerce president’s second tilt for the division after falling short in the 2020 election to Rick Baberowski. Mr Baberowski is yet to publicly announce his intentions for the March 2024 election. Tapping into concerns, especially in the hinterland, that ratepayers were not being listened to, Ms Broderick threw down the gauntlet to the incumbent, saying that in challenging times, new ideas were needed.
“I am done with career Councillors who are disengaged and out of touch with their communities,” she said.
“I will not stand idly by and watch our communities crumble, become more frustrated, unheard or under represented.”
Ms Broderick said she would stand by promises including: “I will listen. I may not have all the answers but I will work hard to do my best to find solutions with you; I will be transparent and accountable; I will work with all levels of government to get things done, rather than passing the buck. It doesn’t matter who is in power at the time. “I am running in this election as an independent; I will work hard, show up and always strive to do what’s best for our region. “Passionate, authentic representation requires someone who understands, actively listens, genuinely engages and effectively communicates. I am here to serve.” Ms Broderick also referenced Mr Baberowski’s controversial request to council last year to pay for business class flights for a European work trip.
“I certainly will not, under any circumstances, expect to use rate payer funds to pay for a $21,000 business class flight to an overseas conference because I can’t handle jet lag,” she said.
“It’s time for change.”