Raine and Horne moves into Glenview

By Kirra Livingstone

PREVIOUSLY known as SCR Properties, this real estate business has been bought and converted into a Raine and Horne Glenview/Glass House Mountains branch, by Garry Jones.

Garry comes from New Zealand and moved to Australia in 2011, after being in the furniture and appliances retail industry for most of his life.

After a stint at working for Rio Tinto in Western Australia, Garry moved to Bowen, Queensland in 2015 for a change of scenery.

Garry always had a desire to get into real estate, so when the opportunity presented itself and he was offered a chance to buy his own real estate agency, it was an offer he couldn’t refuse, and the rest is history.

The Raine and Horne Glenview/Glass House Mountains branch officially opened on October 21, and real estate principal Garry is most excited to offer clients their unique marketing system.

“The technology and the systems that Raine & Horne have are way beyond what an independent could organise and fund themselves,” he said.

“There’s the mass marketing that can be done through Raine and Horne, through our exclusive social media platform, Amplify, and CompassPlus.

“These web-based programs allow sales, property management and administrative staff to integrate a number of real estate operations to provide the best most efficient service.”

Garry will be working alongside his wife Rose Jones, who will take on the role of General Manager, and will keep on Ben Guillemet, who was a part of the 20-year established team at SCR Properties.

The real estate principal said he is excited for the potential this business has to grow, and expressed his love for the industry, despite taking most of his life to finally get into.

“I had been wanting to get into real estate for a long time, and I love seeing properties, I love selling properties, it’s always been in the back of my head to get into this,” Garry said.

“I can’t wait to serve the hinterland community, through providing a warm, friendly and relaxed approach, creating a stress-free selling process for our clients.

“Anyone from the community is more than welcome to pop in for a chat, to introduce themselves so we can get to know the locals.”

Raine and Horne Glenview/ Glass House Mountains is holding a special offer- if you list your property before January 31, 2024, you will receive a discounted commission rate of 2 per cent plus gst!

Pop into their office on 2575 Steve Irwin Way, Glenview, or call them on (07) 5439 6300.