Ray helps empower people to take control of their health

RAY is a local Dietitian, passionate about a holistic approach to the health and wellbeing of her clients and local community.

Ray’s passion for food, and interest in how it affects the body, formed the basis of her search for answers when experiencing food intolerances in her own family.

This led to a career in Nutrition and her experiences have provided Ray with a clear understanding of the difficulties and challenges people experience when making changes to their diet or lifestyle.

Working with clients to overcome barriers and difficulties through practical, realistic dietary and lifestyle advice to make changes that are achievable, Ray fits in with individual lifestyle and family needs, enabling changes to be maintained long term.

Her aim is to help clients develop a food knowledge and understanding that makes healthy choices the easiest choices.

Ray (pictured above) holds a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics degree from the USC and has completed further training in gastrointestinal disorders, particularly IBS and food intolerances.

She is committed to current best practice to address her client’s health concerns, particularly digestive issues, diabetes, heart disease, weight management and food allergies, as well as health eating advice and gut health.

Ray loves food and is an enthusiastic cook, passionate about fresh local produce, whole foods and gut healthy foods that taste great!

She is committed to empowering her clients through increasing their confidence in how food works in the body, how lifestyle factors influence health and provides support to achieve their health and wellness goals.

Ray is very approachable and would be happy to discuss your health concerns, and can be contacted on
0425 331018 or follow her on Instagram @raysbalancedplate