San’s Club Champs

40 students attended San Taekwondo’s Club Championships, which is a great way for athletes to fight competitively without the pressure of competing against strangers.
The Championships are open to students of all belts and ages, and one student broke a record on the day.
“Maverick broke the club record for the highest jump kick by 2cm, the record was 2.45m and he jumped 2.47m,” club owner Cameron Taylor said.
“He only just broke the record, but that is a very big jump kick, so I was impressed.”
Cameron added he enjoys the Club Championship every year because many students who have not competed before give it a red hot crack.
“I always love the Club Championships because its the quiet and shy ones who surprise me and usually shine the brightest,” he said.
The club will also hold its black belt gradings on June 20, with six students definitely ready to attempt to grade for a black belt, and another two students possibly ready.
Students of all belt rankings can attempt to move up a belt colour on the