Seems like cost of living is a real suck

I KNEW that we were all going to hell in a handbasket, but to wake up the other day and find that some little grub had tried to siphon the petrol out of my fuel tank, well we might as well have arrived.
Don’t they read the news? Stupid question.
Petrol prices are probably as good as they’re going to get for a few months given how hot and heavy the Middle East is getting.
If ever there’s an argument for electric cars, it’s finding my petrol cap has been jimmied in the dead of night.
Suddenly everyone’s interested in this bloody quarry.
If I were a submission-writing kind of croc, which I’m not, I’d be less breathless about the environment and tourism and more focused on the rather large increase in the number of trucks that will be travelling past homes and schools.
What is the compensation to the local community for that?
ONE of the kids was in a car accident the other day.
We found out via a breathless text – a sure sign it wasn’t that bad – and aside from failing to respond with desperate concern, it’s now my fault that she has to deal with the aftermath. “I’ve got better things to do. You do it,” she said when told when and where it had to be taken for an assessment. Ummm, that’s not how it works. Anyway I did it. Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to argue.
Speaking of family time we recently fixed our kitchen and can eat at the table like a family for the first time in years.
Even better is being able to sit at the actual head of the table.
I saw this on TV once. I use this position of power to be generally hilarious and tell jokes to the only child who still laughs with and not at me. The rest just glare at her and demand she stop encouraging me. It’s just a matter of time before she listens to them. Sniff, sniff.