Seniors with the SES

Contributed by Jan Hunter

On Tuesday 12th September at the monthly meeting of Glasshouse Country Senior Citizens Club, a presentation on the role of the SES volunteers was given by Greg Dennis and Reinhard Ryva. They are two of the 34 volunteers at Glasshouse Mountains SES based in Beerwah. The seniors were advised of the “do’s and don’ts” in emergencies be it fire, flood, cyclone or any other severe weather event.  Their role is to provide a diverse range of functions in response to disasters and emergencies.  It is a marvellous service that they give to the community. 

Extremely important advice was provided and we should all be aware of what to do in an emergency situation. To this end they gave everyone a very useful guide and a fridge magnet with the emergency phone number and address of SES Assistance Qld Mobile App.  

Main image: Reinhard Ryva and Greg Dennis with Judy Jurek