Service that’s worthy of a few expletives

What can I say about the delivery (or lack there-of) of telecommunication services over the last few months, that hasn’t already been said, with the addition of numerous expletives on social media platforms and on the streets and in the backyards of our communities. However, the real problem I’d suggest, is that telecommunications providers are getting away with not providing services, because they can.

There would appear to be an absence of legislation requiring service providers to ensure that the crucial infrastructure services we pay them for are not switched off for extended periods of time without any back-up or are allowed to deteriorate to the extent that they are simply no longer fit for purpose. As a Telstra mobile network customer, I (and I assume many others), received this text: “Telstra is upgrading its mobile network around Maleny with work to take place over 14 days commencing 13/06/2023. Your mobile service may be impacted at various times…”. This we can assume is seen to be adequate warning to plan for a 2-week lack of services to our community and businesses. This absence of service is hard enough to plan for if you are primarily mobile network reliant as a business, but to compound the negative impact to our business’s many visitors and customers to our region are unaware of this issue and cannot manage financial transactions on their mobiles as they would have a usual expectation to be able to do so.

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