SES donation a life saver

WHAT started as a simple conversation has ended in a $1,000 donation from Glasshouse Property Sales principal Kelvin Brady to the Glasshouse Mountains SES.

When deep in conversation about the tight SES budget with Glasshouse SES member and new Glasshouse Property Sales salesman Damien McDonald, Kelvin said it was clear that a donation would go a long way.

Kelvin regularly donates to local community groups and said it was important for those like the Glasshouse SES to have quality equipment.

“Everyone at the Glasshouse SES is great at what they do,” he said.

“They’re all volunteers who do a fantastic job and they don’t get paid anything to do it.”

According to Damien, this money will certainly help.

He said new ladders, a battery chainsaw and sandbag fillers were all at the top of the SES shopping list.

“The funding is tight and is always getting tighter,” Damien said.

“These donations are essential in making sure we have proper equipment to keep our community safe.”