Shark attack back on Aussie shores

GLASSHOUSE-raised Muay Thai champion Chadd ‘The Shark’ Collins made a statement with a recent win on the Gold Coast.

The former welterweight world number one gave away almost 20kg to his opponent, with Chadd’s speed and tactics too much for his larger and stronger opponent Reece Lightning as he cruised to victory via a points decision.

Lightning was only given two days’ notice to take on the fight with various other contenders unable to participate due to border restrictions.

Chadd, who relinquished his state and national titles to live and fight in Thailand a few years ago, came through the recent fight relatively unscathed.

Source: Chadd Collins facebook

“I definitely had a lot of fear about the weight difference. I had to control what I was feeling – he weighed in at 88.7kg while I was only 69.7.

“We do what we have to do to win. I played a game of chess and didn’t go to war,” Chadd said, saying he was realistic about the brutality of the sport.

Jimmy Collins, local Muay Thai trainer and Chadd’s father, was proud of his son’s victory.

“He fought a really clever fight. He upped the tempo in the last round and changed from orthodox to southpaw in the last two rounds,” Jimmy said.

Chadd wants to stay active but is having a tough time finding opponents. His team even had to offer $5,000 for anyone in the 63.5-65kg weight range to fight when opponents kept withdrawing on his last promotion. Nobody was up to the challenge.

Chadd has a big year ahead of him having secured a fight in England next August. He is also eyeing off two world titles in Australia before that event.

“I have done my time in Thailand. Four years was enough,” he said.

“It is time to bring the big fights here.”

Chadd is currently training full time and is also on the lookout for potential sponsors.

Anyone interested can contact Chadd via email at