Shock to the system is dehydrating

I ALWAYS thought bill shock was something that happened to other people.
That’s for a number of reasons, mainly because I don’t pay the bills.
But I was drawn into this very pedestrian topic after our power bill magically tripled overnight.
After proving I had an alibi, we got down to business of who to blame. The kids? Too easy. The government? Now we’re talking. My understanding of power prices is that the consumer will always get screwed, but it’s a killer cost to deal with. I didn’t get solar panels to save the environment. I got them to save some cash, and yet my bills are through the roof, let alone the panels. Please explain.
Water, water, nowhere
Sometimes I read too much. The latest example was an intriguing article about a business that had done some research and discovered people on occasion feel dehydrated.
‘So they’re giving away cups of water?’ I hear you ask. Lol, no precious. They’ve created a product called Liquid IV, which among it’s lifechanging attributes is the way it’s “democratised hydration”. Direct quote.
Apparently dehydration is an everyday challenge, and with Australians being rabid ‘early adopters’ of buying crap they don’t need, This business reckons its got the answer to the question we never asked. Of course they’ll target festivals (those that haven’t imploded) so you can see what’s going on here.
Having done a little research so you don’t have to – I can report back that this product is basically electrolytes etc but rather than letting our body absorb water the old-fashioned way – through osmosis – Liquid IV utilises Cellular Transport Technology (R) which ensures rapid absorption of … blah blah blah. Enough of the Kool Aid already. Just drink water.